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About Renal Care & Research

As a dedicated medical device manufacturer, Renal Care & Research is committed to the highest quality standards in services and products, ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Our expert team continuously advances our Quality Management System, aligning with international standards like EN ISO 13485:2016 and European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745. We focus on improving care for kidney disease patients, valuing innovation, customer-centricity, and mutual trust with our partners.

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Transforming kidney stone disease care.

In response to the increasing incidence of Kidney Stone Disease (KSD), we envision transforming care delivery by integrating e-health services into traditional care, embracing a value-based care approach. This shift from the present inefficient equality-based model to a more effective, patient-centered equity and value-based model aims to enhance care in alignment with patients’ daily lives.

Our innovative, hybrid healthcare coordination system is designed to improve individual health and outcomes. It aligns with society’s growing digitalization and the healthcare sector’s growing commitment to equitable care.


Seven key objectives for personalized kidney stone prevention.

  • Link patients and healthcare providers with worldwide certified health care professionals.
  • Integrate AI technology to enhance automated healthcare workflows and home monitoring.
  • Make home care more user-friendly, flexible, and accessible with advanced digital tools.
  • Enhance prevention, diagnosis, and risk stratification of KSD.
  • Reorganize care to balance hospital and home care, centered around patient needs.
  • Offer customized care plans and coordinated prevention strategies.
  • Provide evidence and data on how technology improves care delivery, clinical outcomes, and satisfaction in patient-centered home care.

Main activities

Renal Care & Research specializes in designing, developing, producing, and distributing medical devices, including diagnostic and monitoring software and hardware, aimed at health and disease prevention. Headquartered in Waterloo, Belgium, the company initially outsources the design and production of components to skilled experts and contractors.

Our key product, the AIDEWA software, is currently a class I CE marked medical device under Directive 93/42. The upcoming version is set to be classified as class IIa under the 2017/745 medical devices Regulation in the EU.

Our primary clients include nephrologists and patients in practices where our devices offer substantial benefits. We collaborate with university hospital surgeons to develop new procedures and applications for our devices.

Our goal is to market our products globally through a network of carefully chosen distributors and partners.

Tech-Powered, Human-Centered

Through our tech-driven initiatives, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge solutions with the warmth of human connection. At every step, we’re dedicated to striking the perfect balance between technological advancement and the genuine care that only a human touch can provide.

Meet the team.

Our team is a dynamic fusion of diverse skills, united by a singular mission. Each member contributes their own unique expertise, converging to craft innovative solutions.


Dr. Agnieszka Pozdzik

Nephrologist and founder of Renal Care & Research. She's leading advancements in digital health with the "Aidewa" telehealth platform, aiming to elevate care quality and the patient-caregiver bond.

Dr. Agnieszka Pozdzik (M.D., Ph.D.), nephrologist, member of the "Urolithiasis European Network" and group manager – "International Collaborative Network on Kidney Stones and Mineral Metabolism". Being the founder of Renal Care & Research, she focuses her activities in the field of digital health and connected objects where she supervises the development of a telemedicine platform "Aidewa". Her goal is to actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of care and quality of patient-caregiver relationship thanks to her Clinical experience.

Dr Cristina David, M.D.

A nephrologist and an intensive care physician with a profound interest in renal
pathophysiology. My dedication lies in applying my knowledge to enhance the care of patients facing renal function challenges.

Innovation stands as a crucial component in revolutionizing the healthcare journey for kidney patients. Introducing novel methodologies and technologies is imperative to elevate the standard of care, improve treatment outcomes, and enhance patient experiences. Moreover, the underestimated potential of telehealth in nephrology cannot be overlooked. Telehealth services hold the promise of providing accessible, convenient, and effective care, offering a valuable means of monitoring, education, and support for renal patients. Embracing telehealth initiatives could significantly bridge gaps in care, particularly in remote or underserved areas, fostering a more holistic and inclusive healthcare landscape for kidney patients.
Joining us soon

Er. Hadil Zrour - Software Engineer

Hadil Zrour specializes in Software Engineering. Her creative passion for new technologies will find expression at Renal Care and Research.

Er. Hadil Zrour, Computer Science Engineer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale de Science de l'Informatique de Tunisie, specialized in Software Engineering, passionate about new technologies, she wishes to bring her creativity to the development of digital solutions within Med-Tech companies focused on healthcare.
Her willingness to learn and her technical skills are a real asset to Renal Care and Research, where Hadil will be charge of implementing and developing the EVA mobile application, which will offer the possibility of hybrid care.
The aim of this innovative tool is to reduce recurrence of renal lithiasis and thus improve quality of life for many patients.

Each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity. Our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.

Marie Curie SklodowskaNobel Prize for Physics in 1903 and Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911

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