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Join us in transforming kidney health

Renal Care & Research is a company specialising in the diagnosis and personalised treatment of patients suffering from kidney stone.

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Why Investing Makes Perfect Sense

Unfortunately, the market is huge.

25% of worldwide population will be affected in 2050.

12% in 2022, costing nearly 790 million USD.

Over 500.000 emergency room admissions every year.

Very recurrent disease: 50% at 5 years in adults, 50% in 3 years in children.

22.1 million reported cases in 2015 (U.S.A.)

12th most common cause of death in 2017


We address 5 health business objectives

  • Improve hydration of each citizens with deep focus on next human generation.
  • Protect the kidney, maintain bone and heart health.
  • Improve quality of life
  • Strengthen healthcare systems
  • Contribute to a sustainable global health economy


Tailor-made solutions, developed by nephrologists, urologists and dieticians.

Discover the pivotal role of tailor-made solutions, crafted by nephrologists, urologists, and dieticians, in driving product development and ensuring business success.

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Our roadmap

2023 - 2024

  • Prospective clinical trail
  • Patient with kidney stones (feasibility study)


  • MDR: Class II certification
  • Further development of platform and products

2025 - 2027


  • Prospective clinical trail
  • Health care professionals (economic impact)
  • M3 level in Belgium mHealth system with reimbursement

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