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AIDEWA, the Artificial Intelligence Driven Electronic Water Assistance, is a telehealth platform designed to optimize and monitor kidney stone treatment, offering faster and better care in line with evidence-based medicine principles​​.

Its mission is to improve the life quality of patients, addressing the high relapse rate in kidney stone cases. As the first medical-approved AI platform for nephrologists, urologists, and doctors, AIDEWA provides features like the EVA app for patients to log water intake and urine composition, an AIDEWA dashboard for healthcare professionals, and AI algorithms for tasks like reminders and warnings​​.

The platform also offers personalized treatment options by tracking patient data, easy-to-use teleconsultation, and therapeutic education to reduce kidney stone recurrence. It enables healthcare professionals to efficiently monitor patients, connect with caregivers and smart devices, and integrate with existing platforms, all while maintaining high security standards.

AIDEWA actively involves healthcare partners in its development process, emphasizing collaboration and feedback​​.


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